January 2018 — Happy New Year!

It's January and the grass is green

It's January 9, the grass is still green and we have no frost in the ground.

Jesus the reason for the season

The words "Happy Birthday Jesus" didn't show up on the Christmas pie as well as I had hoped.

trash heaps have become a common sight

Unfortunately, heaps of trash have become the new normal in town.

annual production of gingerbread cookies

Julia making gingerbread cookies is now an annual tradition.

us near the Christmas tree

Ukraine now has two official Christmas holidays. December 25 is Catholic Christmas and January 7 is Orthodox Christmas. I think it's best to celebrate Jesus' birth everyday.

old barber chairs converted into street seating

This unusual outdoor seating can be found near a hair salon.

fish pizza, yum yum

This was an attempt to make Jonah's big fish pizza.

we've mostly been getting fog and rain, but no snow

So far this winter we've had frequent rains and foggy conditions.

Some of the things we are thankful for

What are you thankful for?

the leaves were unusually colorful this fall

The leaves on the trees were especially colorful this fall.

We got new asphalt in the alley

The alley we go down to get to the bus stop was in terrible condition. We are so glad they put down some new asphalt.

lightning reaction game is fun to play

We still like playing Lightning Reaction.

Ukraine is a great place to find 70s retro items

Ukraine is a great place to get your hands on 70s modern retro items for your decor. Jesus is the light I hope you've gotten to know.

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