Elephant Rocks

Elephant Rocks State Park

These rocks don't look like elephants to me, but we like them.
Elephant Rocks

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My favorite of the free state parks we've visited so far.
Johnson Shut-ins

Shut-ins State Park

We picked a nice day to visit this park in southeastern Missouri. (There were no crowds and comfortable temperatures.)
someones mom

Rare Photograph

A family photo from a special day in history.
Meramec Caverns

Meramec Caverns

An interesting place to visit to for someone who had never been inside a cave before.
Meramec Caverns

Underground Wonderland

God makes cool stuff.
impressive scaffolding


The French know how to put together some amazing scaffolding.
orange tropical fruit

Fresh Fruit

The trees are different in the French Rivera compared to what we are used to seeing in the midwest.
Easy to climb trees

Tree Climbers

Yulia at the park with her nephew.
brass statues

Hanging Out With Friends

No problems understanding these French dudes.
This part ain't gonna work for you!