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September 2017 — Continuing to Press On!

nasty armchairs before photo

Some neighbors tossed their Soviet era furnishings out with the trash. I waited until well after dark and brought home two chairs I was convinced had potential for coolness.

the kitchen my new workshop

Our kitchen was turned into a furniture rehab center for a couple of days.

classic soviet armchairs are so cool

We are pleased with the results of our first attempt at reupholstery and now need to find a new home for them.

purchased 30 year old paraffin

I wanted to find some paraffin wax for another project. It's not usually sold in stores here. The wax I found had been sitting around since 1986.

inlaws came to visit

Some of Julia's family came to visit for a few days.

found a worm in my meal

I found a steamed worm while eating my veggies. This is better than finding part of a worm, but not as nice as finding no worm at all.

talented graffiti artist

Some knothead has been misplacing his artistic talent by tagging buildings around the city.

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